Katt Williams 2013 "Hieroglyphs, Spaceships & Money Clips" Revue and NYE Pre-Event Ball

By Katt Williams (other events)

3 Dates Through Jan 02, 2013

We CHALLENGE you to discover the unadulterated TRUTH and leave the RUMORS behind...


Join us for an intimate evening with Katt Williams as he celebrates his recent retirement. The Katt Williams Order of Philanthropic Development presents the 2013 "Hieroglyphs, Spaceships & Money Clips" Revue and NYE King & Queen's Ball (Pre-Event Meet & Greet) at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.


"Hieroglyphs, Spaceships & Money Clips..."


"Hieroglyphs" - Let us take you back to our Roots as we enrich your minds with KNOW.ledge of Self & the true connection to Kemet/Egypt's Great Pyramids & the World as we know it. Also, learn about the Mayans history and the Egyptian's beliefs and the relation to the years 2012 and 2030.


Love the "Apocalypse" theory? Get the inside scoop here! Katt will also cover the truth about the Illuminati, the biggest Hollywood unsolved mysteries, as well as EXPOSE the top secrets of the New World Order and their plans to depopulate in order to become a One World government.


"Spaceships" - We'll give your minds a boost out of this Uni.verse and into outer space with KNOW.ledge about our planet, the truth about current events, and our Governments hidden agenda in relation to NASA and Virgin Galactic.


"Money Clips" - Allow us the privilege to take you back into history with an eclectic blast from the past... We'll paint the scene from the class of Josephine Baker, The Cotton Club, Sammy Davis & the Rat Pack & Old Hollywood - down to the Fierce Assurance of the original Gangster's "Tommy Gun!"

Prepare yourselves for the TAKEOVER & OFFICIAL Launch of Katt's non-profit organization, the Katt Williams Order of Philanthropic Development. We'll reveal the REAL motives of Katt's original style of pimpin'.


Remember, the motto of the Katt Williams Order is - "P.hilanthropy I.s M.ature P.imping" (P.I.M.P.).



"Help Katt Give Back!"


~Teresa Johnson, Creative Director of the Katt Williams Order & Owner/Proprietor of Deep Kho-kho Productions.



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